5 Ways To Increase Backlinks in 3 Weeks


Post On Blogs

You should have your own blog that you post to but you should post comments or questions to other blogs. Blogs you just comment on such as http://gizmodo.com/, http://www.geekalerts.com/, http://www.techpin.com/ to name a few. Some require you to register and some do not. As you know there are many, many blogs remember to keep your eye on their PageRank and who they link to

Posting comments on blogs can bring in a fair amount of traffic if you are consistent and post brief comments daily. The more you post the more backlinks you can create.


Website Review Sites

Website review sites allow members to join to look at and review sites and have people look at and review their sites, this option is usually available on forums so take advantage of getting your website reviewed on forums too. Here is one website review site you can try called Linkreferral Once again a quick search of Google can help you find many sites to join. Keep an eye on the site’s PageRank.

These types of sites require a lot of effort and you do not get a lot of traffic. What you do get is people visiting your site daily and reviewing it with nice happy reviews. This is great for backlinks. If your marketing is on track and your product is relevant you might get customers, members or return visitors.


Traffic Sites

Traffic Sites, Pay to Click, Traffic exchanges and GPT allow members to post links to their sites and display them to other members. When members click the links, the owners of the link pays some form of credit. To get credit you pay $$ or you click other members sites. So, basically all the traffic you get to your site is from another web owner clicking your link to get credit for his site so someone will click his link.

One of the more popular traffic sites is TrafficSwarm which is effective, fast and free. You start getting traffic as soon as your website is authorized which usually is never longer than 24 hours.

There are thousands of these sites out there. The more popular sites can bring in 100 – 200 unique visitors per day EACH and help lower your Alexa traffic ranking. Having a low Alexa ranking (below 100,000) with a decent PageRank (3-4) can be the difference between a successful linking partner campaign and an unsuccessful one. Once again keep an eye on the PageRank and who they link too.

*** Make sure you do not have Google Adsense ads on the pages that you display on these type of sites because Google might ban your account.


Serious Backlinks

There are many 1-way and 2-way linking services available such as TopSites, Webrings, Add-a-link pages, directories, viral linking scripts and reciprocal linking sites. The problems with these are useless backlinks, no traffic and links to “bad neighborhoods” by Google’s definition.

Every now and then somebody comes along with a great idea and it works well. One of these great ideas is Zeriouz.

At zeriouz, you can add your websites for free, and without having to add reciprocal backlinks or registration You’ll get unlimited quality backlinks. You can also add code to your site to increase the amount of backlinks you have by referring people to submit their sites. Zeriouz can provide hundreds of “text” links back to your website in “weeks” and even thousands thereafter.

You will be absolutely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the zeriouz network system. zeriouz will send you thousands of visitors, just for placing some free code on your website which contains five links and a referral ID.

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