How to Increase Free Backlink

Before choosing any link building campaign you must know which type of link building methods would really helps in increasing greater search engine ranking position results.Some of the most effective methods to increase the number of quality backlinks which would in turn increase the amount of traffic to the web site is given below:

 Blog Comments
There are more than 70 million blog sites on the web and the number is increasing every day. There would be hundreds if not thousands of blogs relating to what a person does or feels and commenting on these while including a backlink to the appropriate web site is an assured way to drive traffic to that site.

Social Bookmarking 
A relatively new avatar of a concept developed in the 1990s, it essentially tags one or more web sites that a person or a group of people have found useful and informative and which they think they will want to return to. These tags can be saved, shared publicly or privately and are a great form of free advertisement through 'word of mouth' interactions on the internet. If the quality of articles is good, topical, updated regularly and overall have a good reputation, getting a good amount of relevant traffic is almost guaranteed if you include articles or comments that have links coming back to the desired web site.

Forum Posting
Discussing specific topics or subjects with others who have similar interests leads to the establishment of online communities called forums. By being a regular and knowledgeable contributor to these forums, in the form of comments and short posts with a backlink to his or her own web site, a person can drive up the traffic and increase their page rank.
The more common methods to increase backlinks and thereby traffic to a web site has been mentioned above, it is best to use a combination of these and some others options like creating viral reports, to get the best results

Article Distribution
There are a large number of websites that a person can use to post articles on subjects they are interested in. While a number of these are free sites, there are others where a small or large fee is involved. There are also services which take these articles and submit them to many websites which the individual writing the article may not be even aware of. It is necessary to write good quality articles preferably on topics that are highly topical and which either the general public or a group of people with special interests would find interesting and / or informative. Having backlinks to your own web site and using appropriate key words in these articles that have been written for submission to other web sites is sure to increase traffic to your site.

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